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Beef up your solar thermal panels.

Selective absorption film technology efficiently converts sunlight into heat energy. This coating film maximizes light energy absorption while minimizing the loss of stored heat energy through radiation.
  • Feature Selective absorption membrane technology to efficiently convert sunlight to heat energy.
  • Feature Selective absorption membrane refers to a paint that allows absorbing a maximum of solar energy in the solar-spectral infrared range and minimizing the heat loss in stored heat energy.
  • Feature This technology contributes to a solar heating field in new energies, such as the heat collecting plate in a solar water heater.

The surface of the solar heat collection plate has black paint to improve the absorption of solar energy. Although normal black paint absorbs solar energy well, an increase in the temperature of the heat collection plate will lead to a problem that heat loss in the plate increases to end up decreasing heat collection efficiency. The solar paint GSP has characteristics that it absorbs solar energy efficiently while having a small loss in heat radiation from the collection plate with increased temperature. This greatly improves heat conversion efficiency.

Less heat radiation loss with solar paint

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■Solar Absorption and Emissivity (Comparison with Normal Black Paint)

The absorption and emissivity were compared. The result shows that solar paint is thinner in film thickness, the same in absorption, and lower in emissivity, compared to normal black paint.

  Film thickness (μm) Absorption (α) Emissivity (ε)
GSP-1 (Black) 2.0 0.91 0.32
Normal black dye (carbon black) 8.0 0.94 0.89
Normal black dye (metallic oxide) 30.0 0.93 0.86

Expanding applications and capabilities.

  • Solar heat collecting plate

■Volume (Package)

No. Gloss Color Package Hardener
Solar Paint 200℃ GSP-1 Semi Gloss Black 14kg set
GSP-2 Navy blue
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