Corporate Profile

Company Name
Okitsumo Incorporated
Head Office Location
1109-7 Shibade, Kuramochi-cho, Nabari-shi, Mie, Japan
President: Shigeharu Yamanaka
in 1934
Capital Stock
99.81 million yen
Description of Business
Production and distribution of heat resistant paint, fluorine resin paint, and functional coating agent.
Domestic Market Share
Heat resistant paint: No. 1 in the market share
Photocatalyst paint: No. 1 in the market share (including associated companies)
Certification and Acquirement of ISO 9001 in 1998
Certification and Acquirement of ISO 14001 in 1999

Origin of Company Name

The name of the company, Okitsumo, is derived from a collection of poetry called Manyoshu (the oldest anthology of poems in Japan) that refers to the location of the company head office in Nabari. Pursuing the latest technologies, our company always hopes to remember the pure and rich heart of our ancestors who loved the beautiful nature.


About Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation

General Employer Action Plan
In order to arrange ideal working conditions under which employees
demonstrate their skills and easily harmonize work and life, the action plan is formulated.