Fluorine Paint for Cookware POLYGO

Even stronger, more beautiful, and more long lasting.

Top level performance, only possible for Okitsumo and for POLYGO, is delivered with Japanese quality.
  • Feature More elevated performance in every aspect including non-stickiness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Feature A new lineup for every need.
  • Feature A wide array of options.

POLYGO for all your needs!


Feature More elevated performance in every aspect including
non-stickiness, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance.

We carefully reviewed the functionalities and product compositions of all models, including our existing lineup, and improved the qualities that are most important for cookware: “non-stickiness”, “abrasion resistance”, and “corrosion resistance”.


Okitsumo's Quality Management: A Promise of Quality and Reliability

Performance Tests for POLYGO Brand

<Test items>

  • Boiling salt water resistance test
  • Scotch-Brite abrasion resistance test
  • Fried egg cycle resistance test
  • Adhesion test
  • Hardness test
  • Corrosion resistance test
  • Heat resistance test
  • Impact resistance test
  • Boiling water resistance test
  • Metal spatula abrasion resistance test
  • Releasing property test
  • Acid resistance test
  • Alkali resistance test
  • Contact angle test
  • New test item

Compliance with Food Safety

POLYGO complies with major food safety standards in the world.polygo_05


PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) has the potential to be a health concern because it can stay in the environment for long periods of time. Okitsumo provides PFOA-free products at customer's request.polygo_06


Feature  A new lineup for every need.

“MAXXI PRIMUS” top grade coating that boasts the highest level of durability in the industry and “FIT PLUS” standard grade coating which is safe to use even on die-cast products. In addition to these two new models, we have a full product lineup available, from general use products to luxury products, for a wide range of customer needs and applications.

Top grade

  • Ultrahigh-durable fluorine resin that provides superior non-stick performance
  • Superior abrasion resistance with doubled ultra-hard ceramics
  • Superior corrosion resistance and adhesion achieved by special resins
  • Base material thickness : Frying pans 3.0 mm or thicker, Pots 2.0 mm or thicker

High grade


Standard grade

FIT PLUS feature
  • Can be used with aluminum die-cast
  • High corrosion resistance with standard grade
  • Provides high performance and cost effectiveness

Special specifications


Feature  A wide array of options.

The following options are available according to your requests.

  • Marble coating
  • Diamond coating
  • Diamond & marble coating
  • Wide range of colors, etc.

* "FIT" and "FIT PLUS" cannot be used with Diamond coating or Diamond & marble coating.


■ Catalog and Paint Specifications

Product information and their paint specifications are available at the following links.
For details on paint specifications, click CONTACT.


As a new generation of fluorine coatings.

The world highest level of performance & quality POLYGO

POLYGO is Okitsumo’s fluorine resin coating for frying pans and other cookware. POLYGO is named after “polygon”, with the image of sophisticated shape and solid structure. The excellent Japanese quality is inherited in POLYGO to be delivered worldwide.