Ceramics Coating CERANO

Shine on.

Want to keep objects looking beautiful forever? Just try our ceramics coating with excellent hardness and durability.
    • Feature CERANO is a surface coating that has great durability and hardness.
    • Feature CERANO maintains excellent durability for chemical and physical actions because key components of the paint film structure are inorganic varnish (Si-O), which is created by Sol-Gel process and inorganic pigments that almost never discolor against heat and ultraviolet rays.
    • Feature CERANO is available in one liquid type, which can be used any time without worrying about its pot life.
    • Feature The paint film is excellent in durability and is finished in gentle gloss.

CERANO's heat resistance was verified in the heat resistance test. Compared to silicon resin paint and acrylic resin paint, it shows less decrease in gloss after heating at high temperature.

Heat Resistance of CE-300


Expanding application and capabilities

  • Lighting apparatus
  • Inner and outer surfaces of frying pan
  • Cookware
  • Electric appliance

■Catalog and Paint Specifications

Product information and the paint specifications are available at the following links.
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■Volume (Package)

No. Gloss Color Package Hardener Specifications
250℃ CE-100C Gloss Clear - 1kg,
600℃ CE-300-1 Semi Gloss Black Various -
CE-300-4 Green -
CE-300-5 Silver -
CE-300-9 Titanium yellow -
CE-300-10 Rust -
CE-300-20 White -
CE-300-23 Yellow -
CE-300-30 Blue -
250℃ CE-400-1 Semi Gloss Black Various -
CE-400-10 Rust -
CE-400-20 White -
CE-400-23 Yellow -
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