Super Heat Resistant Paint Tyranno Coat

Fine ceramics is becoming familiar

This coat is made from titanium type ceramics. It delivers excellent performance in resistance to heat, chemicals, and corrosion.
  • Feature A titanium type ceramic paint.
  • Feature Even though Tyranno Coat is a ceramic coating, it can be diluted in organic solvent and painted as a general coating.
  • Feature The film can endure over 800°C with its ceramic material. The hardness of the film after the baking process is 9H or more.

Tyranno Coat is available in a heat resistant type, heat resistant hard coating type, and insulation type. Please choose among them to meet your application.


■Super Heat Resistant Paint Tyranno Coat Heat Resistant Type

  • Excellent in heat resistance.

■Super Heat Resistant Paint Tyranno Coat Heat Resistant Type

  • Excellent heat resistance and hard coating film.
  • Pencil hardness: 9H (After baking at 500 °C for 16Hr.) *TYR-1181

■Super Heat Resistant Paint Tyranno Coat Insulation Type

  • Suitable for insulation application.
  • Volume resistance value: 1018 or more

Expanding applications and capabilities.

  • Burners for heaters, combustion appliances for heaters
  • Precision mechanical equipment

■Catalog and Paint Specifications

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■Volume (Package)

Specification Heatproof
No. Gloss Color Package Hardener Specifications
Super Heat Resistant
Paint Tyranno Coat
Heat resistant type 600℃ TYR-3181 Matt Gray 1kg,4kg,16kg -
TYR-5171 Silver -
Heat resistant 800℃ TYR-1181 Black -
hard coating type 600℃ TYR-5172 Silver -
Insulation type 600℃ TYR-EI-100 White -
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