Efforts toward Environment

Consider coexistence with nature
while pursuing the latest technologies.


Our company remembers the pure and rich heart of our ancestors who loved the beauty of nature. We also hope to live in coexistence with nature while pursuing the latest technologies.

Utmost attention to environmental preservation and improvement at every phase of business activities.

Okitsumo has developed products useful for the environment conservation and brings them to the market. However, if the company manufactures products that apply loads on the environment, there is no point. Our company has established the Okitsumo Incorporated Environment Policy and announced it internally and externally. We also have participated in the Coating Care promoted by International Paint and Printing Ink Council (IPPIC) and Japan Print Manufactures Association (JPMA) and have announced and implemented independent actions for protecting health, safety, and the environment. Furthermore, we have received ISO 14001 certificate for environmental protection and ISO 9001 certificate for quality assurance.

And we are promoting the reduction of environmentally hazardous substances included in paints for our responsibility as a pioneering paint manufacturer. We have achieved the threshold standard for use of six environmentally hazardous substances specified under RoHS Directive: lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium hexavalent, PBB and PBDE

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    Declaration of Coating Care
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    ISO certified company
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    Okitsumo Incorporated Environment Policy

Environmental preservation provided by thickness of several microns based on our breath taking creativity

For example, it is a heat insulating paint that improves the working environment of the factory by making heat escaping from the facility hard to escape. For example, a paint to promote the heat release from a material having a high temperatures, and a photocatalyst that makes sunlight on our side to decompose stains.

Okitsumo's products bring about the effect in various places from inside the house to the development of space technology and contribute to energy-saving or heat efficiency improvement.


Products Contributing to Environmental Preservation