Far-Infrared Radiation Paint Paint Far-Infrared Radioactive Paint and High Efficient Radioactive Paint

A Heat Tamer.

A new idea that makes intelligent use of infrared rays. Besides transmitting heat efficiency, it also uses far-infrared rays to improve the heating performance of heaters and health appliances. The possibilities are infinite.

  • Feature Far-infrared rays are easily absorbed by organic matters and have a heating effect when it infiltrates into the inside. Using these characteristics to efficiently radiate the wavelength region of the far-infrared rays from the heat source, the research is conducted for their applications to health appliances, beauty apparatuses, kitchenware, and heaters.

2 types of paint for each use

The graph shows the spectral emissivity curve of each product at 500 deg. C.

The emissivity of each product is shown below.

Far-infrared paints, W-600 show a high emissivity in a wavelength region longer than 5.0μm and suppress it in a region of the near and mid infrared rays.

High efficient radiation paint B-600 shows a high emissivity in wide wavelength regions from near-infrared rays to far-infrared rays.



■Far-Infrared Radiation Paint

  • Far-infrared radiation paint allows far-infrared radiation rays to be directly absorbed into a heated object from the heat source for efficient heat-up, and can be used for heaters to produce a high-efficient far-infrared radiator.

■High Efficient Radiation Paint

  • High efficient radiation paint can be used when utilizing all of the heat energy radiated from the heat source.

Expanding applications and capabilities.

  • Heater
  • Sauna
  • Heating portions
  • Thermal insulating apparatus
  • Heat exchanger
  • Other heat utilization


■Volume (Package)

No. Gloss Color
Far-Infrared Radioactive
600℃ W-600 Matt White 1kg・4kg・16kg
High Efficient Radioactive
600℃ B-600 Matt Black
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