Heat Releasing Paint COOLTECH

COOLTECH also has a cool side.

Just coating COOLTECH will increase the heat releasing effect to decrease the temperature of objects. This paint is used for precision equipment and PCs that are sensitive to the temperature.
  • Feature The coating agent decreases the temperature of the base material itself or atmosphere by utilizing the heat release.
  • Feature It has an excellent radiation property in all infrared areas (from near infrared rays to far infrared rays).
  • Feature It shows a stable radiation property from low temperature to high temperature (approximately 1000°C).
  • Feature It is possible to form films in various types of colors that was once difficult to be formed in radiation coating.

Heat Releasing

Painting COOLTECH onto the base material will improve the emissivity of the material surface, which allows more heat to be released.

There are three methods of heat conduction: heat conduction, heat transfer (convection), and heat release (heat radiation). COOLTECH utilizes the heat release (heat radiation) to easily release the heat.


■Heat Releasing Effect


It is obvious that the heatsink for which COOLTECH is painted shows a smaller increase in temperature in every heater output and is better at the heat releasing effect than the traditional aluminum heat sink.

■Heat Releasing Effect


A temperature of LED for which COOLTECH is painted to heatsink is approximately 12°C lower than that for general paint.

Expanding applications and capabilities.

  • PC chassis
  • Heatsink
  • PCB or package for semiconductors and electronic components
  • Heating plate
  • Engine components
  • Car audio components

■Catalog and Paint Specifications

Product information and their paint specifications are available in the following links.
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■Volume (Package)

No. Gloss Color Package Specifications
Heat Releasing Paint
Up to 200°C CT-200 Gloss Black Can be toned 1kg,4kg,16kg
Titanium yellow
400°C to 600°C CT-600 Matt Black -
600°C to 1000°C CT-800 Matt Black -
White -
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