Our Technology: #1Corporate Philosophy and System

Our business started from
the magical powder of silicon resin


Soon after World War II, company founder Shigeji Yamanaka succeeded in developing heat resistant paint for the first time in Japan by using a silicon resin called magical powder.

Since then, we have created a wide range of surface treatment technologies based on that heat resistant technology, the origin of our company. Providing new functions via modification of the surface of base material, this technology offers excellent energy savings and economic efficiency, which has attracted ever-increasing attention as a technology of the new age to come.

We will continue to promote dialog with customers on the basis of our management principles to provide innovative products and services that anticipate the needs of society.

Global Technical System Realizing Technical Principles

Our engineering development departments are located in Japan, Thailand, and China. This system allows product development based in each area and provides prompt technical services for customers around the world.

Approximately 30% of employees are engaged in engineering development and thus share new technologies, ideas, and information from all over the world, which allows the construction of a global technical system for the development of new products.