Heat resistant solder resist ink(For RPC) TAINEX HRS-2-6 Series Alkaline development type

Superb onboard-quality in heat-resistance

The product is best suited for applications including on-board substrates where high reliability is required. It features superb heat resistance and thermal cycle resistance.
  •  Feature High heat resistance:Applicable to 150 deg. C
  •  Feature Thermal cycle resistance:Endure sharp temperature difference : -65 to 150 deg. C
  •  Feature Color:Available colors: Green & matt black

 Feature High heat resistance

Different inks were coated on glass boards. The boards were heated at 150℃ for 1000 hours, and the deterioration of the inks caused by the heat was observed.

The HRS-2-6 Series showed superb heat resistance, which reveals that deterioration caused by heat is minimal.

Feature Thermal cycle resistance  -65℃⇔150℃ 3000cycle

A substrate was prepared and coated with HRS-2-6G while another substrate was prepared and coated with a general resistor ink. Temperature cycle tests of -65°C for 30 minutes and 150°C for 30 minutes were alternatively executed 3000 times each.

The general resistor ink substrate revealed cracks, but the HRS-2-6G substrate had no cracks, which shows that it strongly performed its intended role as an insulation membrane.

Feature Color

HRS-2-6G green
HRS-2-6BKM matt black

■Coating film performance

Item Test method HRS-2-6G HRS-2-6BKM
Hardness JIS K5600-5-4 5H 4H
Adhesion JIS K5600-5-6 Category 0
Solvent resistance Isopropyl alcohol, 5Min immersion at room temp. OK
Acetone, 5Min immersion at room temp. OK
Acid resistance 10% sulfuric ,30 Min immersion at room temp. OK
Alkaline resistance 5% sodium hydrate, 5 Min immersion at room temp. OK
Solder resistance JIS C6481 260 deg.C for 20 Sec. OK
Gold plating resistance Electroless nickel gold plating process
Hear resistance 150℃×1000Hr OK
PCT 121 deg. C for 9 Hr OK
Combustibleness UL94 standard 94V-0 eq.
Radiation factor Heat dissipation rate measurement
(Measurement range: 3-30 microns)
Thermal conducton rate Measurement by thermal conductivity meter 0.5~0.6W/mK
Total amount of chlorine Calculated from material used (calculated value) 440ppm 310ppm
Reflection rate Measurement by color difference meter - Less than 10%

■Electric characteristics

Item Test method HRS-2-6G HRS-2-6BKM
Insulation resistance Initial value 1.1×1012 3.1×1012
24V load, 85 deg. C, RH85%, 1000Hr 1.3×1011 2.5×1011
Thermal cycle (-65 deg. C × 30→150 deg. C × 30Min) × 3000 cycle 2.9×1011
No defest
No defest
(1500 times)
Surface resistanse JIS C6481-5-10 1.0×1013Ω
Volume resistivity JIS C6481-5-9 1.0×1014Ω・cm
Voltage resistance 500V×1Min Energization
(Measured film thickness 20 microns)
Relative permittivity JIS C6481(1MHz) 3.8 3.9
Dielectric tangent JIS C6481(1MHz) 0.05

*The results above show reference values, not standard values.

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