Heat resistant solder resist ink(For FPC) TAINEX HRS-1-5G Green Alkaline development typeUnder

Flexible as well as heat-enduring

This is an ink dedicated for use with flexible substrates due to its superb durability against bending.
  •  Feature flexibility:No crack was detected after continued heating at 150℃for 1000 hours under the bending state
    (curvature radius R = 0.1).
  •  Feature Warp:Warping of substrates after heating will be smaller than general products.

 Feature flexibility

Continuously heating the inflected product.
-Inflection: curvature radius R=0.1
-Heating: continuous heating at 150 deg. C

The general resistor ink substrate revealed cracks after heating at 150°C for 24 hours under the bending state, but HRS-1-5G had no cracks even after heating at 150°C for 1000 hours.

Feature Warp

Heating at 150℃ for 24Hr

These pictures reveal that the substrate warping is smaller than the general resist after heating at 150°C for 24 hours.

■Coating film performance

Item Test method HRS-1-5G
(Under development)
Hardness JIS K5600-5-4 H
Adhesion JIS K5600-5-6 Category 0
Bending resistance JIS K5600-5-1 180°inflection OK(R0.1)
Solvent resistance Isopropyl alcohol, 5Min immersion at room temp. OK
Acetone, 5Min immersion at room temp. OK
Acid resistance 10% sulfuric ,30 Min immersion at room temp. OK
Alkaline resistance 5% sodium hydrate, 5 Min immersion at room temp. OK
Solder resistance JIS C6471 260 deg.C for 20 Sec. OK
Gold plating resistance Electroless nickel gold plating process
PCT 121 deg. C for 9 Hr OK
Light reflection rate Measurement by colorimeter (SCI system)
(Measurement range: 360-740nm)
Radiation rate Measurement by heat radiation rate meter
(Range: 3~30μm)
Combustibleness UL94 standard VTM-0 eq.
Total amount of chlorine Calculated from material used (calculated value) 60.6ppm

■Electronic characteristics

Item Test method HRS-1-5G
(Under development)
Insulation resistance Initial value 9.0×1012Ω
Moisture resistance test based on JIS C5016-9-4,followed by insulation resistance value measurement. 1.3×1013Ω
Surface resistanse JIS C6481-5-10 1.0×1013Ω
Volume resistivity JIS C6481-5-9 1.0×1014Ω・cm
Voltage resistance 500V×1Min energization
(Measured film thickness 20μm)
Relative permittivity JIS C6481(1MHz) 4.9
Dielectric tangent JIS C6481(1MHz) 0.08

*The results above show reference values, not standard values.

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