Heat Insulation and Retention Paint HIP AERO

The revolutionary new heat insulation and retention paint with the most advanced aerogel in practical use.

It realizes energy saving by suppressing heat-loss and environmental protection by reducing CO2. What Okitsumo presents here is a totally new insulation paint.
  • Feature It is made by using the “aerogel” (12mW/m.K), the most superior heat insulating material as a solid.
  • Feature It can save energy as well as reduce CO2 by suppressing heat loss from the heating equipment (industrial furnace).
  • Feature It is helpful to prevent CUI (corrosion under insulation.)

■4 advantages of HIP AERO

4 advantages are expected by applying HIP AERO to industrial furnaces.


■What is Aerogel?

Aerogel is made from silica, which has low heat conductivity, and 95% of the total is super porous fine structure. Because the micropore diameter of the super porous fine structure is smaller than the mean free path of air, aerogel suppresses the heat conductivity by convection and realizes a totally new heat insulation. It is the most advanced material that is even applied in space development by NASA.


■ Dual heat insulation mechanism in only HIP AERO

Heat transfer is suppressed by aerogel and heat release is limited by heat cut silver’s low-emissivity,


■ Heat Insulation Property

Low heat conductivity of approximately 45 mW/m・K (equivalent to glass wool) is achieved.


■Useful to prevent CUI.

As being paint, it adheres very well to the substrate and protects the base material from CUI.

CUI:Corrosion caused by persistent humidity under insulating materials due to rainwater infiltration.


■4 positive effects of suppressing the heat loss of heating equipment(industrial furnace.)

  • ①Energy saving (Reduction of electricity and fuel expense.)
  • ②CO2 reduction / year
  • ③Improving the working environment.
  • ④Burn injury prevention.
Example at Non-ferrous
metalworking company A.
Measurement at a
melting furnace
(Coating dimension: 100 sq.m)
Rate of the heat flow on the melting furnace was measured.
Before the application of HIP AERO, the heat flow rate of the furnace (=heat loss) was about 800.00 (W/sq.m) whereas after HIP AERO application, the rate was reduced to 300.00 (W/sq.m), the half of the initial measurement. This example shows HIP AERO is useful not only for energy saving but for working environmental improvement.

■Video of Comparison Test for Heat Insulation Property

[Ice version]
[Hot water version]

Expanding applications and capabilities.

  • electronic furnace
  • reflow furnace
  • baking oven
  • aluminum melting / retaining furnace
  • incinerator of waste treatment plant


■Catalog and Paint Specifications

Product information and their paint specifications are available at the following links.
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No. Gloss Color Package Paint Specifications
Heat Insulation and
Retention Paint
HIP Aero
200℃ Primer UN-200 - Rust 1kg,4kg,16kg -
Middlecoat MA-200 - White 2kg,8kg
Topcoat TS-200 - Silver 0.8kg,3kg,16kg

Okitsumo’s environmental contribution

ReEner, Energy-Efficient and Environmentally Conscious Product Line

ReEner is an energy-efficient and environmentally conscious product line developed with the concept Energy-Saving and Energy-Creating Paint via Photothermal Control. As a manufacturer of heat resistant and functional paints, Okitsumo makes a proposal for the environmental solution.