Heat and Acid Resistant Paint AR-250

Protect your plant from the inside out

Conditions in plants are very harsh. This coating covers the inner surfaces of ducts and exhaust pipes for engines and combustion chambers to protect materials from the acid in flue gas.
  • Feature Painting insides of facilities will protect the facilities against acid and heat in combustion gas.
  • Feature The paint also has resistance to alkaline and various types of chemicals.
  • Feature Six environmentally hazardous substances are not contained. The paint is designed in consideration of environment.
    *Six substances: lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium hexavalent, PBB, PBDE

■Comparative Test with Conventional Paint (Results of Overload Test)
While blisters occurr with the conventional paint owing to an influence from heat and acid, AR-250 shows no defect and securely protects the material.


Expanding applications and capabilities.

  • Inner surfaces of smoke exhaust apparatus and desulfurization equipment
  • Inner surfaces of incinerator, dust collectors, and ducts
  • Inner surfaces of waste oil tank and chemical tank
  • Inner surfaces of combustion facilities and heat exchanger

■Volume (Package)

Heat Resistant
No. Gloss Color Package Hardener Specifications
Heat and Acid
Resistant Paint
250℃ AR-250 Semi-gloss Gray 4kg,16kg PDF
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