Dry Lubricant Coating MCF COATING

Realizing the fluid lubrication property
specific to oil and grease
by dry film

Excellent lubricant coating and 100% fluorine coating. This coating is achieved by the Okitsumo’s unique dry process coating technology.
  • Feature Surprising abrasion resistance with non-lubrication (oil-free)
  • Feature No gas generation *at 250ºC or less
  • Feature Applicable to resin
  • Feature Heat resistance of 250ºC

Dry lubrication displacing oil lubrication

  • Dry lubrication is a film formed by combining a solid lubricant agent of fluorine and molybdenum with resin and is called a dry lubricating film.
  • The film is widely used in a vacuum or high-temperature atmosphere where liquid lubrication by oil cannot be used or for parts that are sensitive to sticking.

Advantages of dry lubricating film

  • Functionality realized even under high-temperature, low-temperature, or vacuum state
  • Maintenance-free providing reduction of working hours
  • Oil-less lubrication realizing non-adhesive clean workability

■ Mechanism of MCF Coating

Okitsumo’s unique dry process coating technology has realized a 100% fluorine resin film.Formation of binder-less 100% fluorine resin film will deliver the best possible lubrication performance specific to fluorine.


■ Abrasion resistance of MFC coating is 3.3 times as much as that of conventional dry lubricant


■ Coefficients of static and dynamic frictions achieved in MCF


■ Basic Performance of MCF Coating


Expanding applications and capabilities.

  • Bearing parts
  • Ball bearing
  • Relay switch
  • Gear
  • Door lock
  • Various types of gears

■Catalog and Paint Specifications

This coating requires Okitsumo’s unique painting technology.
We offer dry lubricant coating in service contracts (we do not offer paints by themselves for dry lubricant coating).
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