IR wavelength selective heat radiation sheet. Applying Metamaterial Technology. VSI 放熱シートVSI画像03

Releases “heat” accumulated by a resin cover.
The thermal countermeasure in the enclosed area by the resin.

Selectively radiates IR wavelength by microcavity (microscopic periodic structure) VSI surface. “VSI” has made it possible to release heat from the enclosed area of the resin to the outside by IR rays.
  •  Feature A wholenew heat dissipating method that selectively radiates the IR wavelength; successfully applying a metamaterial technology.
  •  Feature The surface with microcavities allows for enhancements of heat transfer, suppression of the heat confinement and also it successfully solves the heat spot occurrence in the resin case more effective.

■ A "Heat release sheet VSI" is...

The VSI sheet is able to dissipate the selected IR wavelength because of this metamaterial technology. VSI is a 150 µm thick aluminum sheet with periodic surface formed with "Microcavity" of a micron order scale in its length, width and depth.

A Heat release sheet VSI is...ImageA
A Heat release sheet VSI is...ImageB
The magnified VSI surface by 1,500 times.

■ Suggested use

Place a sheet of VSI on the whole heat source such as a CPU.

Suggested use Image

■ A heat dissipating effect of the VSI sheet

Inspect a heat dissipating effect when changing a heat releasing material of a smart phone from a graphite sheet to VSI.*The size of the graphite sheet available on the market and VSI is adjusted to 30 square millimeter each.

A heat dissipating effect of the VSI sheet Image

When a graphite sheet available on the market was replaced with a VSI sheet,

we found that both temperatures of the resin surface and the board dropped.

■ "The IR wavelength selective heat radiation" of VSI sheet is highly effective for the thermal dissipation purpose especially in the resin sealed area.

Feature Heat releasing image How it works
with the resin case
table ImageA
The heat is released outside of the resin case by the IR wavelength selective heat radiation effect of the metamaterial.
Very Good Heat can be released outside of the resin case. ・The temperature on the heat source decreases. ・The heat accumulated spot on the heat generating source is eliminated. * The VSI is being effective for the 2 issues.
table ImageB
The heat is diffused in the graphite sheet due to its high thermal conductive property. The heat is transferred from hot to cold.
Poor The heat is just being diffused within the resin case.

■ A principle of the wavelength selective heat radiation

Thermal conductivity type
heat dissipation material
Thermal conductivity type heat dissipation material ImageA
step Image
With VSI
With VSI ImageB

When a sheet of VSI is placed on a heat source, the periodic surface structure on the VSI sheet selectively radiates the IR wavelength.

The released wavelength range does not overlap with that of the resin, so it suppresses heat.

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